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Dog Park Rules & Regulations

  • The Ocean County Off-Leash dog area is for use by permit only. (With valid ID card).

  • Management reserves the right to close the area due to weather conditions.

  • Children under eight (8) years of age are not permitted within the off-leash dog area. Children eight (8) years of age and older must be closely supervised by an adult.

  • There is a limit of two (2) dogs per person. When others are waiting, please limit your use to thirty (30) minutes. The maximum number of dogs at one time is twenty (20).

  • Owners are responsible at all times for the behavior and safety of their dogs and should be considerate of others.

  • Puppies under six (6) months old are prohibited.

  • Dogs must wear collars displaying valid licenses at all times and have current vaccinations. Choke collars are prohibited in the Off Leash Dog Facilities.

  • Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving area. Owners must remain with their dogs at all times and must carry a leash for each dog at all times.

  • Owners must clean up after their dogs.

  • No dog treats, food or toys are allowed in Off-Leash dog area.

  • Dogs in heat will not be permitted inside the facility.

  • Dogs in heat and non-neutered male dogs will not be permitted inside the facility.

All visitors are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations governing the use of facilities within the Ocean County Parks System as adopted by the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Violators of any of the provisions set forth in the Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Ocean County Parks and Open Space shall be subject to the penalties contained therein, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:24.2.